About the Show

The first “Altar Show in Nevada County” took place in 1997, inspired by the Sacramento art show, “Altares del Mundo.” Based on Indo-Hispanic “Dia de los Muertos” traditions, artists created beautiful altars to honor beloved people who had passed on. The show was so powerful for both altaristas and viewers that it has become an annual event with up to sixty altars.

The altars have evolved to include contemporary three-dimensional art with diverse topics, techniques, and media, as well as memorials in the historic tradition.

Each show also includes a “community altar”, where visitors may participate by leaving personal notes, photos and mementos. The show does not charge admission but tax-deductible contributions are welcome as the show is self-supporting.

Join us to celebrate and reaffirm the human experience. We hope you discover in our altars, as we do when we create them, a sense of healing, solace, joy, insight, relief, refreshment, renewal – perhaps even truth.

Our Mission Statement

“The Altar Show: Renewal & Remembrance is a community-based non-profit organization that provides a free annual exhibition originally inspired by Day of The Dead that involves and educates the community while providing a safe place to renew and remember in a respectful and safe space.”

The Altar Show is administered by a Board of Directors and a Friends Of The Altar Show committee