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The 2007 Altar Show

The Nevada County Fair Grounds, Grass Valley, California

Community Altar

Community AltarThe Community Altar
The Community Altar is in the central room connecting all three exhibition areas and holds the Community Altar. It has been prepared by Altarista Annie Clinton and was purposely left partially finished. By the end of the show, visitors responded and crowded the altar with votive candles, photographs, mementos, and messages to remember and honor their loved ones. At the first weekend, Stan Padilla spoke to a large group about the background and meaning of altars and Dia de los Muetos, and led a blessing ceremony for the Community Altar.

The Altar On The Lawn

"The Altar On The Lawn"
by Mel Henderson, Howard Levine, Shelley North-Gerson, Charlotte Raasch

A Dedication
To commemorate those from our community
who have lost their lives in Iraq.
Our lights illuminate...
Sound resonates...
Words communicate...
The crosses remind us.
I am a son, brother, uncle, Father.
I am a daughter, sister, aunt, Mother.
I am a child that can no longer be embraced!

We Grieve The Loss Of Their Innocence

"We Grieve The Loss Of Their Innocence"
by Nevada County Grandmothers For Peace

What about when they come home?
What do they need to heal?
What are WE going to do?
Please write your ideas and thoughts in our book of good wishes for our returning vets.

Water: More Precious Than Gold

"Water: More Precious Than Gold"
by Sharon Delgado, Carol Ann Jones, Carol Kuczora, Paula Orloff, Anita Wald Tuttle, Earth Justice Ministries

Water is the blue gold of the 21st century. Transactional corporations are controlling much of the earth's water, privatizing it for profit. In the process, water is becoming depleted, degraded, and costly. May the commons be protected, enabling all communities and habitats to partake of this essence of life.

In Loving Memory

"In Loving Memory"
For our Altarista sisters and brothers now living in another world. A loving and grateful memorial to these who touched our souls:

Gone Fishing

"Gone Fishing"
by Sam Hughes

Savanna Is Six

"Savanna Is Six"
by Elisabeth Mesones

Please join the celebration. Share her Halloween candy, read a book, and hug a teddy bear. There are ornaments to make for the tree: write a poem, draw a picture, make something for someone you miss, someone you wish to honor or just for fun.
There are new friends this year.
A cat named Bolivia purrs in Savanna's lap and Ben, a gentle grey muzzled brown lab curls at her feet.


by Charles Woods

Once, glass blowers made art objects called "End-of-Day" from leftover colored glass fragments. My altar is similarly made from scraps of my art cobbled together with form, but without meaning.
The quotation is from Shakespeare's Sonnet No. 30.
Dedications are in memory of those here no longer who led me and my art to unexpected worlds and uncharted territory.

To Bill

"To Bill"
by Bill Maskill

You can feel safe.
You can feel familiar.
You can deal with things Within a Comfort Zone.
But you can never get anywhere, if you only stay within the Comfort Zone.
You've got to try to change.
You have to start a fire-to take a chance.
April 22, 1986

Life Force

"Life Force"
by Robert Mumm

Searching stardust spinning
Fount of life ever flowing.
Union of our dreams
Fire in our bellies ignites the dust anew.

Children At War

"Children At War"
by Mike & Suzanne Hardin

This altar is in honor of the
children soldiers of the world.
To the countless youth who have lost their lives in battle, as well as to the victims of the madness, whose childhood and innocence have been stolen forever.

Gateway To Empowerment

Gateway To Empowerment
by Spirit Peer Empowerment Center
A Holistic Approach To Mental Health

This altar is dedicated to the renewal and empowerment of the individual, through the development of a community goal, to secure a "permanent" home for the SPIRIT Center by May 15, 2008. A self-help peer counseling program, where everyone is welcome and accepted.

The Rainbow Bridge

"The Rainbow Bridge"
by Carol Hyndman

The Rainbow Bridge is where animals cross over when they leave the earthly plane. The sick, hurt, old are all whole and perfect. Pets wait here for their people to cross over so they can once again be united in love.

The Other Homeless

"The Other Homeless"
by Carol Hyndman

Dedicated to lost, homeless and shelter animals whose only fault was being born into a world of too few homes. Adopt from a shelter, a humane society or rescue a stray. Spay or neuter your pets.

Blessed Be

"Blessed Be"
by Annie Baker

To all of the beautiful mamas, their incredible babies, and their amazing births!

Memories Of Shara

"Memories Of Shara"
by Lin Schiffner

This altar honors the memory of Shara Ann Peters Franyovich (February 3, 1968 - November 11, 2006), my beloved niece whose life was cut short by cancer. She included me in all of the passages of her life, bestowing on me the title of "Grantie" to her daughter Miranda. Sharo loved me, I loved her back
...and always will.

Para Todos Los Ninos

"Para Todos Los Ninos"
by Miriam Morris

Use these blocks to construct, de-construct, or re-construct. Play with skeletons.


by Katherine Hubbard

-depraved punishments lead to permanent deviation. Welcome to Club DV.8. where mousling and tiny turtle provide comic relief.
Would you like to join?

Healings Of A Shattered Soul

"Healings Of A Shattered Soul"
by Phyllis K. Day (PIC)

Each of us has souls of infinite riches with a tapestry of mysteries that has guided us on our journey through life. Even though the most shattering times seem like veils of separation from Our Creator. May we awaken to the Creator's true essence which is pure and holy in each of Us: Love, Compassion, Beauty & Unity.

The Communications Altar

"The Communications Altar"
Visitors and friends may contact Altaristas here. It's aIso the source of information on allied activities, events and outreach. Please put the altar number on your message and we'll make sure it's delivered.

Ann Kennedy Flaherty

"Ann Kennedy Flaherty"
(March 3, 1914 - August 13, 2007)
by Her Loving Family

Our mom had a ferocious spirit and undying enthusiasm for life that was fueled by her deep faith in Jesus. She was an Angel on earth, filled with love and compassion for all that met her. We're thankful for the long and healthy life she lived and joy she gave to us all!

A Five Year Retrospective

"A Five Year Retrospective"
by Stephanie J. Unsell

This is my private collection of art, mostly paintings, that I created over the past five years. My home is my gallery. My life my art.

There's No Place Like Home

"There's No Place Like Home"
by Franceska Alexander

Dorothy and OZ have accompanied me throughout my life. Somewhere over the rainbow! I would be safe from harm. Now, I experience life as that "Somewhere"; my heart the "Emerald City"; the "Wicked Witch of the West", my misunderstood Self; & the Ruby Slippers, My individualed path I alone walk.

No Bed Of Roses

"No Bed Of Roses"
by Hospitality House;
Hospitality House Guests:
Jed Emrich,
Teddy Kell,
Utah Phillips,
Joanna Robinson

We, the homeless, are hospitality house. Our altar stands against the greed and apathy that create poverty, but it also stands for the compassion and hard work of the many faith and secular communities who have come together to lend us a helping hand. Home is where the heart is. The heart of hospitality is with us, all of us.

Sierra Foothills End Of Life Care Providers

Sierra Foothills End Of Life Care Providers
This altar is offered as on opportunity for end of life care providers to honor and acknowledge our patients. We believe that it is on honor and a privilege to know and care for people in the end of tneir lives. This altar provides on opportunity for us to acknowledge the range of emotions we experience each time someone we care for dies. Like the "Wailing Wall" in the Middle East, which is a sacred place to many religions, this altar is a place to hold the wishes and prayers of all who mourn. May this altar help to heal our grief and help us find renewal so we can continue on the path with our patients, families and friends who are facing the end of their time here on earth.

Myra Lynne Traugot

Myra Lynne Traugot
Got clout? Got the cloth?
Soy, stop, intone and rest;
Interruptions, holes in the fabric, mended and/or shredded. Meant to disappear. Indestructible.

Choose Love

"Choose Love"
by Diana Pollock

My past now is simple:
Choose love
Be peace
Practice kindness

Frankie Girl: You're In Our Hearts

"Frankie Girl: You're In Our Hearts"
by Amy, Rustin And Rayne Wiser, Kelly, Cooper & Riley Valin; Claudia Cunningham

Frankie was my adult daughter Amy's first baby. They shared New York City. Frankie guarded her human babies, loved to ploy, and had a mind of her own. Grandchildren honor her with pointed rocks. She loved rocks. French bulldogs aren't supposed to respond to obedience. FRANKIE DID WITH AMY.

Careless Love-The Cake

"Careless Love" - The Cake
by Annie Clinton

Farewell Harry

"Farewell Harry"
by The Book Hags

Who would have thought that a series of books about a boy wizard would touch so many of us? People of all ages, in countries around the world, have followed the adventures of Harry Potter. Thank you J.K. Rowling for reminding us that love, friendship and doing the right thing are all that matter in this world - for magic folk and muggles.

Altar To The Earth And All Her Creatures

"Altar To The Earth And All Her Creatures"
by Don Baldwin/Earth Justice Ministries

Inspired by Tibetan sand mandalas, this altarpiece honors
our sacred Mother Earth struggling to stay alive.

'Love all Creation
The whole and every groin of sand in it.
Love every leaf...every ray of light.
Love the plants...animals.. ...everything.
If you love everything you will perceive the Divine Mystery
in all things.'

Celebration Of Life

"Celebration Of Life"
(An Edible Altar)
by Willem Degroot

At this altar we honor all those that have gone before us. The skulls on this altar represent the numerous lives that have been born into on unfolding story, added their personal journey and passed on. We the living having inherited this story will odd our experiences and also pass it on. By participating of this altar we are celebrating life for those that have deported. We eat and with our senses experience for them.

Donald Bowles

Donald Bowles
Some of us come into this world with all the opportunities, love and support needed to have a fulfilling and healthy life full of meaning and purpose. Yet, some of us get lost along the way despite the efforts of family, friends and society. Some may call these people 'losers' and I for one, will never understand nor accept such judgments. Perhaps, those that claim such judgments or others are simply 'a lost soul in the wind' themselves. My brother, may you rest in peace and without judgments no more. You were always loved and will always be loved. You are free to blow in the wind as you may.

Water Under The Bridge

"Water Under The Bridge"
by L. Campbell

What is separating you from happiness? Discover your hang-ups, lift them from your heart, and place them here. Please remember all offerings should begin with "I".

Fractured Families

"Fractured Families"
by Lois Shelton

Sometimes family relationships are ended before death even though they may live on in our hearts and mind. This can be a positive event in the case of negative or abusive relationships but sometimes the cause is totally unknown. There is always hope for reconciliation but this mayor may not happen in our lifetime.

The Compassionate Friends

(Grass Valley,
Nevada City,
& Yuba City Chapters)

Our children have gone before us, and this altar is dedicated in loving memory to them. You are invited to add the name (and if you wish, statements, photos, or other items) of your loved ones who have died.

Beware The Arachis Hypogaea

"Beware The Arachis Hypogaea"
by Elizabeth Ormond

A peanut allergy can be fatal. A couple of years ago, I almost died from mine.
A peanut allergy is frightening, inconvenient, socially embarrassing and a magnet for ridicule.
But I think: If you can't beat them, and you can't join them - make fun of them!

Theodora Alves

Theodora "Teddi" Alves
Through The Veil My Loved Ones Pass Teaching Me To Come Along Leaving Them At The Gate I Return To Wonder Which Side Do I Live On?

Mia Nash

Mia Nash
For my friend Peace,
who passed away
on June 21, 2007.

Eve Hall's Legacy

"Eve Hall's Legacy"
by Friends Of Eve

During her illness, friends and family provided food, energy and companionship to help Eve on her journey. Within this framework, she diminished and departed with grace and style. Strong, flexible bamboo represents this community; the ribbons name individuals who helped. Eve is gone but her structure of love remains.

Keep A Clear Heart

"Keep A Clear Heart"
Karin Givon

Lost Dreams

"Lost Dreams"
by Buffalo Moonbow

When divorce impinged on life our children stayed with their dad. Now, 36 years later this is still true.


by Stephen Edwards

Are we having fun yet?

Laura Ellan Marie Freeman

Laura Ellan Marie Freeman
April 10, 1990 - September 22, 2007
by Ann Marie And Natalie Jaggi And Friends Of Laura

This altar shows how much of an amazing person Laura was. So many people loved her. She was caring, energetic, mischievous, and always had a trail of perverted laughter following her wherever she went. You could always point her out in a crowd. She was amazing.
We all love her.

Justin's Dream

Justin's Dream
by Lisa King

In Honor and Remembrance of
February 1, 1979 - December 17, 2007

My beloved son brought love, laughter and music to us all. He will live in our hearts forever.
His dream was to create world peace by playing his tabla atop the largest pyramid in Egypt.
As you listen to his drumming please visualize him there.
May Justin's dream come true.

Corey's 15th Halloween

"Corey's 15th Halloween"
by Alex, Brandi & Lana Coil

Corey, before you left in August, you expressed a concern that Heaven might not have some of "the cool things" that we have here on earth. Just in case they do not celebrate your favorite holiday, we have created "15th Halloween" just for you. Trick-or-Treat our Brother.

James Mullen

James Mullen
Pray here to Lillyrose, goddess of mercy, tolerance, and heretofore hopeless causes. She is avowed to be a window to the afterlife, and to have the ear of god, by any name. Leave her your woes, your anger, your heartache, that she may dispatch them. Wave to your dearly departed.

Shana Maziarz & Ruby Turple

Shana Maziarz & Ruby Turple
This altar is for our friend LILLI PATTEN, who died last year. Lilli was a lover and a truth-teller. She was an anarchist, an artist and a burlesque dancer. She worked as a fire lookout in Idaho for years, and loved wild places and solitude. She had big plans for her life and we miss her.

Letting Go: For Those Of Us In The Water

"Letting Go:
For Those Of Us In The Water"
by Brenda Collins

"Lie back daughter, .. .spread your arms wide.. .and look high at the gulls. ..When you tire on the long thrash to your island, lie up, and survive.. .when fear cramps your heart.. .lie gently and wide to the light-year stars...and the sea will hold you."
(Excerpt from "First Lesson" by Philip Booth)

Momo Marzo

My sweet and sensitive brother, Danny Lee Marzo, died more than twenty years ago. He was with us for only thirty-eight years. Danny was a Virgo like me, and my only sibling. My intention in creating this altar is to honor and pay tribute to this beautiful soul. Love and Light to you my sweetness.
Momo Marzo

Alex's Family

"Alex's Family"
by Nici Vankreidt

Our funny, happy boy is gone.
We all love him, and miss him.
We remember his genuine sweetness
And the music he made.
Life is boring without Alex.
His premonition told him to get a passport.
He got his passport and went traveling.
He is having a good trip.

Nevada City School Of The Arts Grades K-9: Artists In Residence, Asia Currie, Andrea Conte

El Arte Reciclado
Un Ilamado para conservar, reusar y reciclar cuidando nuestros recursos en forma creativa.
Arte creado por estudiantes de la Escuela de Artes de Nevada City.
90% de los materiales utilizados en el proyecto derivan de objectos reciclados o reusados.
Escuela de Artes
de Nevada City, Grados K-9
Artistas En Residencia:
Asia Currie, Andrea Conte

Nevada City School Of The Arts Grades K-9: Artists In Residence, Asia Currie, Andrea Conte

Recycled Art
A call to conserve, reuse and recycle our resources in a creative and mindful manner.
Artwork created by students from Nevada City School of the Arts.
90% of materials used for projects are recycled or reused.
Nevada City School Of The Arts,
Grades K-9
Artists In Residence:
Asia Currie, Andrea Conte

The Devil Made Me Do It

"The Devil Made Me Do It"
by Elizabeth "Lizzie" Glotzmeier

Without gods, no devils. Without heaven, no hell. Without yang, no yin, and so forth. These images are but man's visions made flesh - sort of - their aspects conditioned by God-knows-what: The climate of prevailing theology? The fertile imagination of unchained (or tethered) minds? Fasnion unbridled? Humor? Fear? But never chance. Children, beware! Others, be not afraid.

James Mullen

Other worlds surround us, weaving in and out ot our awareness. In moments of alignment, the spirits of the departed may share this plane with us, it only for a moment. It is here, at this time and place, that you are most receptive to a visit. say "hello".
James Mullen

Karen Jarvis

Karen Jarvis

Adam Kennedy

"Adam Kennedy"
28 January 1986 - 18 August 2007
by Alana Russell Cunningham

...artistic, creative...when he smiled, it made those around him happy because
he smiled with his whole face.

Hands Of My Mothers

"Hands Of My Mothers"
by Suzie Hayter

By air and by fire
I am blessed
By water and by earth
I am blessed
By spirit I am blessed
Lord and Lady Bless Me
Blessed Be.
With gratitude and love. Your Suzie,

- Dream Eternal -

The Gift Of Water

"The Gift Of Water"
by Sierra Deep Ecology Institute

We give thanks to All the Waters of the World for quenching our thirst and providing us with strength. Water is life. We know the power of water in many forms - waterfalls and rain, mists and streams, rivers and oceans. We honor Water. Without You we cannot live.
Native American Prayer

Bitney College Preparatory High School

Our altar is a combined effort from our entire class. Its a mix of individual altars made into one huge representation of how we each perceive death.
My altar piece is about how in death you are sleeping.
My part of the altar is a symbol of death, because of the technological decay in life; technology dies quick, so go with the rope.
One who lives forever is forever lonely. Industrialism is temporary. When it is gone, nature will re-grow and industrialism will be forgotten if nature is given the chance.
My altar is my representation of death. Maybe it's about war or something.
My altar depicts the struggles of life, and how death is easier.
My altar represents life.
My altar represents the reign of Mao Tse-Tung in China and every Asian he killed.
Bitney College Preparatory High School:
Shyanne Dustrud, Myra Sanders, Jacob Fike, Brent Phillips, Elliot Pulley, Chris Glass, Sara Guillen, Indigo Woodland, Jamison Confer

The Power Of One

"The Power Of One"
by Claudia Cunningham

One person makes a difference:
~ the teacher who gives extra help;
~ the coach who has two jobs but still coaches;
~ adult children and parents who nurture each other;
~ friends who listen even though they have 632 urgencies in their lives;
~ people who show up to help you move;
all who give the precious gift of TIME...

Chad Wood

Pray to the altar of the virgin of meat and potatoes. Her disciple lights the candles for those who have dined before us. Hail to the pasty whiteness of her abundant food sources. Prepared from freshly baked, lightly tossed and perfectly seasoned authentic ingredients. Her goodness will enhance the flavor and appearance and so easy, you can prepare in under fifteen minutes.
Chad Wood

Sisterhood Of Maes From The San Juan Ridge

Sisterhood Of Maes From The San Juan Ridge
Reina Mae Rafferty was our very good friend. She was born on 7/11/49. She passed from us on November 15, 2006. Needless to soy we were shocked and hurt. We have honored our friend at a number of ceremonies and celebrations throughout the year. We are thankful to have on opportunity to honor her again with this altar.
With much love and appreciation the Sisterhood of Maes from the San Juan Ridge.

How I Lost My Head

"How I Lost My Head"
by Lhesli Benedict

Dancing with Bones is Shadow Work
Skeletons in the Closet
"Rattle those Bones"
What do they say of Secrets
And Replentish
Be off with the Agony
Be off with the Ignorance
We are not Ignoring "It" anymore
We are walking toward

The Blessings Altar

The Blessings Altar
An altar for our beloveds in need because of sickness, sorrow or any other trouble.

Mary Ann Crabb

Mary Ann Crabb