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The 2008 Altar Show

The Nevada County Fair Grounds, Grass Valley, California

Let Peace Be The World's Umbrella

"Let Peace Be The World's Umbrella"
by Nevada County Grandmothers For Peace

Our local Grandmothers for Peace traditionally march using these umbrellas in community parades. Our messages of hope and peace are written on umbrellas as a symbol of sheltering this, and future, generations.

In Loving Memory

"In Loving Memory"
by the Altaristas

AARON BRODE (1910 - 2004)
GILLIAN ESME HODGE (1927 - 2001)
CAROL JEAN MATHIS (1941 - 2004)
ELIZABETH K. ORMOND (1946 - 2008)
ELIZABETH ORMOND passed on a few weeks ago as she was gathering materials for her altars. She had intended to use this on her second altar BIRDSONG
"I once read of a small-town ordinance that required birds to cease singing at 6 p.m. I wonder how they enforced that?"

A Voice For The Silent Voices"A Voice For The Silent Voices"
by Coalition For Animal Welfare & Support

In the animal rescue world there is an amazing amount of energy spent helping each and every animal that crosses our path...young, old, and injured..."I will take their pain." A No Kill Nation is what we hope to achieve...We must rescue, foster, adopt homeless animals...Spaying and neutering is crucial. "In the current circumstances it is irresponsible to breed animals."

Forty Monoprints And Words About War

"Forty Monoprints
And Words About War"
by Charles Woods

What It Really Means When America Goes To War
War As Betrayal
The Legions Of The Lost And Damned

by Robert Mumm

We went that day, hand in hand
down to the river
I learned upon that shore to skip flat stones
upon the sparkling water
Your guiding hand
taught me so many things
To ride your bike
and other wondrous skills
So much in a good brother's
You found the rocks and bumps in life
that I might avoid them
We have come to the river once again
so much broader now and deeper
I hold your hand and tell you that now
you can walk upon this water
While I will stay here yet a while
and remember you
On this day I see you skipping like a stone
upon the sparkling sunlit water.


Sharon Deen-Darman

Remembering my Grandmother
Mae Belle Cossairt
My hero, my heart, my teacher,
my "back-tickler", my Nana
I Love You and Miss You

Spirit Peer Empowerment Center

Spirit Peer Empowerment Center
A Holistic Approach To Mental Health

Our altar expresses how Spirit volunteers and consumers reach out to each other to gain Empowerment. We will show pictures of hands reaching out to each other and hands reaching up for Empowerment. The caption will be, "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all".

Myra Lynn Traugot

Myra Lynn Traugot
This altar made itself

by Eileen Lee

Dave Giammarco
by Eileen Lee

Born: February 4, 1945
Providence, Rhode Island
Entered into rest: Oct. 23, 2007,
Grass Valley, California

This altar is dedicated to my brother-in-law, Dave Giammarco, a good husband, father, grandfather, and friend. He died unexpectedly from a heart attack October 23, 2007. It was found later that there was Agent Orange around his heart, a not uncommon condition among Vietnam veterans. He had served in the navy during the Vietnam War.

In its Herbicidal Warfare Program in Vietnam, the U.S. Military used this powerful herbicide and defoliant. American Veterans, like Dave, may not even have known of their exposure to this chemical. They have been seeking compensation and treatment for diseases that they and their children have suffered. For 28 years lawsuits have been filed against the companies that produced Agent Orange.

Dave was only 62 years old, too young to die. He will be in our hearts and memories forever. We will miss you.

Reading Is A Journey

"Reading Is A Journey"
by The Book Hags

Sitting down to read is a journey to a far away place. Our book group began with a love of reading, we embraced the artist in each of our friendship's garden, and us. In this altar we share our book list, honor some of our favorite books and celebrate the joy of reading.

Lozen: Shaman, Horse Whisperer, Warrior

"Lozen: Shaman, Horse Whisperer, Warrior"
by Charity Bryson

My altar is dedicated to all the women who have dared to step outside their conventional roles. Lozen was sister of Victorio and peer to Cochise, Geronimo, yet she is rarely and not surprisingly mentioned in history books. Reflect on her courage and wisdom as you experience her altar.

Sadako's Wish"Sadako's Wish"
by Lin Schiffner

This altar was inspired by the story of Sadako Sasaki, a Hiroshima bombing victim who died of radiation-induced leukemia at the age of 12. She embraced the legend that if she folded 1000 paper cranes her wish for world peace would be granted. Sadako folded 644 cranes before dying. Since then, the tradition of folding paper cranes has endured as a symbol of an ongoing with for world peace.


by Katherine Hubbard

Castigation, transition, celebration!
Time's arrow is anti-gravity.
Its elevation lifts the human spirit!
(Joy for all.)

Robyn Martin

Robyn Martin

Horse's Eye I
Drawn in by
A rock w/a rock
sucked by men
by gods
& theirs to spend
duff full of
bits & pieces
w/stories granite
plant stem flaking

pine needle
water glistening
rock placement
within expressed

The Communications Altar

"The Communications Altar"

Visitors and friends may contact Altaristas here. It's also the source of information on allied activities, events and outreach. Please put the altar number on your message and we'll make sure it's delivered.

Mom And Her Boys

"Mom And Her Boys"
by The Flaherty Family

Mom, your faith, compassion and empathy were your backbone. You loved all your children and wanted your family to be "together". We have been separated since you've been gone along with Jack and Mike but know you are all with us everyday. May each of your lights continue to shine bright and show us the way! xoxoxoxooxo

Jack was a great humanitarian and an inspiration to all who knew him. His joy for life was infectious - his spirit will live on within us forever! We love you and miss you...Xoxoxox

DucheeGirl - The Courage To Grieve

"DucheeGirl -
The Courage To Grieve"
by Giza Valentine-Kelley

In celebration of my exquisite friend and companion DucheeGirl, who, in her brief yet radiant appearance here on Earth proved to be my extraordinary ally in claiming the courage to grieve. I also dedicate this altar to all that I resisted grieving in my life, and to all of us who have yet to claim the beauty of our grief.

Dorothy Darden (1919 - 2008)

Dorothy Darden
(1919 - 2008)
by Nevada City
Teddy Bear Family

Dorothy Darden's great energy and drive still radiate through Nevada County. She was the most cewlebrated Teddy Bear maker in the region. Dorothy costumed as Yammy Bear, singing her songs and reciting her poetry. Infectious joy. Great talent. From a circus family and somehow always On Stage. She helped put Nevada City's International Teddy Bear Convention together. One of her largest Teddies is here with the first of the thousands of Teddy Bears she designed and created.

It's Your Urn

"It's Your Urn"
by Mud Hut Altaristas

What's left of us
after the fire and pulverized bits
remains to be collected
and contained -
to eternally collect dust on a shelf.
It's me in there
for as long as anyone cares to remember.
Lift the lid and say hello!

Unitarian Universalist Community Of The Mountains

The Unitarian Universalist Community Of The Mountains,
Grass Valley,
Green Sanctuary Committee

The purpose of our altar is to inspire love and healing for our entire wonderful planet, including ourselves.

"Uncle Rustan"
by Mia Nash

Our Lady Of The Shards

"Our Lady Of The Shards"
by Karin Again

Dorothy and OZ have accompanied me throughout my life. Somewhere over the rainbow! I would be safe from harm. Now, I experience life as that "Somewhere"; my heart the "Emerald City"; the "Wicked Witch of the West", my misunderstood Self; & the Ruby Slippers, My individualed path I alone walk.

There's Life After Homelessness

"There's Life After Homelessness"
by Hospitality House;
Jed Emrich, Teddy Kell, Mary O'brien, and Karen Young

This is an altar to honor some of our former guests, along with others who have escaped the ravages of poverty and homelessness, and have become productive members of society. We want to tell their stories.

His Loving Family

"His Loving Family"
by Bev Sieler, Laurie Jo Sieler

John James Sieler
Dec. 10, 1935 - May 28, 2008

Have you ever had gold fever? Our loving father and loving husband John Sieler did and if you met him, you too would have gold fever!

The Merry Widow Society

The Merry Widow Society
Puts "Fun" In Fund Raising

In the last 14 years this organization comprised of twelve women has awarded 40 scholarships to single parents based on the merits of need and a good grade-point average.
The Merry Widow Scholarship Fund is solely funded by business and personal donations raised during the production and publication of the Merry Widow Gazette, which is a tongue-in-cheek program promoting the annual Mardi Gras in Nevada City.

Altar For Friendship

"Altar For Friendship"
by Be Davison-Herrera

This altar is a reminder of the joy and power of friendship especially between those whose lives are committed to the practice of art. That practice gives continuing richness and strength beyond daily interaction in the constant reminders of support with each new experience of the creative act. Carol Gilbert Wagoner was a key in the life of many who benefited from her wisdom, work and gift for enjoyment and the possible resolution of perplexities.

Donald Bowles

Donald Bowles

Evolving Gifts

"Evolving Gifts"
Lois Shelton

Experiencing the death of a loved one, life threatening illness, trauma or other losses, while difficult, can lead to some of these evolving gifts:
Mind: Strong emotions, Learning, Perspective
Body: Limitations, Healing, Strength
Spirit: Hope, Reflection, Transformation
Community: Sharing, Support, Connection
Creativity: Problem solving, Beauty, Resolution

Wonder Women

"Wonder Women"
by Morgan Best

This altar is an homage to the wonder women I have been inspired by in my life.
Who is your Wonder Woman?

Friends Of Elizabeth Ormond

Friends Of Elizabeth Ormond

Our dear friend Elizabeth Ormond suddenly passed away in September. This is the altar space where she had planned to display things that had been given to her over the years as her personal "roadmap to the past". She had named the altar "These Precious Things". We dedicate this space to Elizabeth who was a most precious human being.

Memories Of Mexico

"Memories Of Mexico"
Eddy Sitzer for 'Colaborando en espanol' - A Collaboration Of Programs And Agencies Serving The Spanish Speaking Community

November 2nd is the Day of the Dead. In homes families arrange ofrendas or altars with pictures of deceased family along with flowers, food, and items that person enjoyed in life, celebrating life, and honoring the dead. When we emigrate to the U.S. these traditions come with us.

Palette's Prism

"Palette's Prism"
by Buffalo Moonbow

Dancing Prisms of sunlight upon my cabin walls
jog thoughts of global hope, peace, and joy
for us all.


by Lhesli Benedict

I smell an awesome fact
exceptional from my line of vision
I hear its rare thrumming
extraordinarily tingling.

Eyes Wide Open

"Eyes Wide Open"
by American Friends Service Committee

A living memorial to the military personnel and civilians killed in Iraq. Our intention is to memorialize all the individual human beings whose lives have been lost and to draw attention to the price that they and their families have paid.

Eyes Wide Open
Paint Cakes

"Paint Cakes"
by William Scaff

To make paint cakes, I removed the lids from numerous containers of paint and placed them outdoors where they could dry in the sun. Over a period of a year they gradually dried and formed into cakes. Creating paint cakes became a meditation and celebration of their diversity of form and color.

Community Altar

The Community Altar

In the central room connects all three exhibition areas. You are welcome to join with us to create this altar as a unique, memorable shrine. It has been prepared by Altarista Annie Clinton and is purposely left partially finished for your additions. We hope you will leave a votive candle, photograph memento or message to remember and honor a loved one.

Mistery LofgrenMistery Lofgren

Maroo Davis - Mistery Lofgren
(Image left: exterior, image right: interior)

This altar shows how much of an amazing person Laura was. So many people loved her. She was caring, energetic, mischievous, and always had a trail of perverted laughter following her wherever she went. You could always point her out in a crowd.
She was amazing. We all love her.

Paul Newman

"Paul Newman"
by Claudia Cunningham

His piercing blue eyes touched us. His roles drew us in. We saw impossible fights against odds unknown. We saw an inner gleam. Butch Cassidy, Cool Hand Luke, Fast Eddie Felson... Whatever the role, whatever the film, his inherent decency rang loud and clear. Actor, humanitarian: your legacy lives on.

Mia NashMia Nash

Lynnlee (Ari) Lyckberg
(Image left: exterior, image right: interior)

"The veil between the worlds is thin, don't go back to sleep. The doorway is round and narrow, don't go back to sleep..." Rumi

All Saints Eve is the time of the year when the veil between the living here on earth and the ancestors residing in the great beyond is at its thinnest. We use this time to honor those who have come and gone before us and send our prayers and our love to them, asking them for their guidance on this earthy plane.
My altar is a metaphorical journey through that doorway to offer gratitude and blessings to all that is and all that will be. In this journey I renew myself by letting go, sloughing off, those aspects of self that are damaging and/or harmful to the planet in its current evolutionary state of being. I invite you to do the same.
May we all be happy, may we all be blessed, may we all be well.

The Power Of Women

"The Power Of Women"
by Virginia Faraco & Ella O'Bryan

This altar represents a group of Women Friends who have been gathering monthly for seven years to play Bunco. We enjoy good times, good food, good wine.
These symbols here represent their Nurturing and Wonderful Qualities of Compassion, Generosity, Playfulness, Support, Acceptance, Sharing and most of all Love.    Hey - Hey - Hey - Bunco!

Taiso Yoshitoshi's 100 Aspects Of The Moon

"Taiso Yoshitoshi's
100 Aspects Of The Moon"
by Tanuki

The Floating World: "Usually I dislike a clouded sky;
tonight I realize that a cloudy sky makes me
appreciate the light of the moon."

Stars Of My Night

"Stars Of My Night"
by Edy Schenone

For Father, who loved me most, loved me without judgement and beyond logic.
For Mother, pillar of support, imperious and beautiful, most of all constant. I loved her more than I knew.
For Gunner, my sweet, somber and reserved Chesapeake.
Rest in peace loved ones. I miss you always.

Altar To The Universe

"Altar To The Universe"
by Don Baldwin

"Windows Into the Cosmos"
Pause....in this eternal now....and consciously
Enter into the glorious silence of the universe.

"Within each of us there is a silence,
a silence as vast as the universe...
When we experience that silence,
we remember
who we are, creatures of the stars,
created from time and space, created from
...Silence is where God dwells.
We yearn to be there.

~ Gunilla Norris, Shared Silence

(Words by Nathan Aveau)

William Pynchon

(Words by Nathan Aveau)
In the coolness of the evening.
We have felt the
power Wind blowing gently
from the sea.  Rising from
the sea my home far away
All eyes on the horizon
You and I are blessed by

A Table For Our Missing Altaristas

A Table For Our Missing Altaristas

James Mullen

James Mullen
at the head of the Celestial Legions,
arrives at the gates of Troy,
bearing the still-beating heart of Helen,
and trumpets his desire for world peace.

Miriam Morris

Miriam Morris

Psychic Tarot Parlour & Spiritual CommunityPsychic Tarot Parlour & Spiritual Community

Welcome to the "Divine Temple of Tarot", a place to create a better future for yourself. We get "stuck" in grief, loss, and fear. Change is Sometimes Scary. Divination (of God/Goddess) is a tool to help you move forward, to release grief, loss or fear, and inspire change.

In Loving Memory Of Cora

In Loving Memory Of Cora
Mia Nash, Emily & Lisa Nash, Kevin Thompson, & Jill


by Miriam Morris

Elena Lokvig

Elena Lokvig

Abundance is my true state of being.

Sierra Nevada Deep Ecology Institute

Sierra Nevada Deep Ecology Institute

The Sierra Nevada Deep Ecology Institute invites you to have a seat, relax and contemplate the simple and complex beauty of our home, the Earth. We welcome all prayers and suggestions as to how to heal the human relationship with the rest of nature. If you can share one thing that one individual can to help heal the earth, we will post these suggestions on our website www.sndei.org to help others. At the close of the Altar Show they will be offered up at a special ceremony. Thank you for joining us in healing the earth.

Mitakuye Oyasin
(Sioux - "we are all related")