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The Community Altar

201260Community Altar

The Community Altar has been purposely left unfinished. Please join with us to make this altar a unique, memorable shrine by adding a photograph, memento or message to remember and honor a loved one.

(If you contribute a photograph or memento you wish to keep, please retrieve it on the last day of the show after closing.)

We welcome and appreciate written communication to individual Altaristas. Please put the altar number or name on your note and post it on the message board. We will make sure that it is delivered.

Lin Schiffner


A Tree of Life

My altar honors the miracle of life ~ the web of interconnection among life forms and elements on Earth. Although only a tiny leaf on the “Tree of Life”, human beings are responsible for its future. May we learn to protect, cherish, nourish and preserve “The Tree of Life” so it may it grow in peace and harmony.